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About Paul Hanson Design

    As a Nebraska native, Paul graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a Bachelor of Arts degree, where he benefited from experience with theatrical set designing and construction. The “behind-the-scenes” knowledge Paul acquired through theatre directly correlates to the world of interior design and decorating in several ways.


    Improvisation. Things don’t always go as expected. Theatre background helps Paul focus, think quickly and maneuver through obstacles when and if they arise.


    Project management. Putting together a stage production is a business project in itself. Panels of people team collectively to produce a show on time, on budget. Learning to take the wheel at the expense of many was a crash course in project management for Paul.


    Doing whatever needs to be done. Set designing and construction were not the extent of Paul’s talents in college. Studying theatre requires one to learn a little bit of everything at some point. Paul takes pride in his ability to handle any task with the confidence he can complete it self-sufficiently and effectively.


    Hard work. Simple. Hard work has gotten Paul to this point in his career.


    Paul strives to design each space as individual and unique as its owner.

Omaha Interior Designer
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